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About The Designer

My love for paper started well before I decided to go into business in March of 2016. My family and friends would always come to me for flyers, programs, invitations, photo albums, birthday cards and anything else paper related.

Six brides came to me in 2016! They learned of my talents and insisted that I design their stationery for their big day! I could not say no. Before I knew it the journey of Taylor Design & Stationery began!


Invitations set the tone for any big day, it gives guests a glimpse into what they should expect before the big bang! Being involved in the creative process and seeing the result for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower or engagement party brings me great joy and satisfaction.

Well, my love for paper didn’t stop there! Two years in, I created what was just recently given the name STAR Collection. The STAR Collection includes, but is not limited to journals and planners! We all need a little organization and a place to release what we feel! These are the facts of life, and what better way than to do that through the STAR Collection!

I am sure by now, you can tell my true love for paper and my passion for executing the vision. Paper is what gives that vision life!

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